Ranljive razširitve

The Joomla! Vulnerable Extensions List. Please check with the extension publisher in case of any questions over the security of their product.
  1. Checklist by Joomplace, 1.1.0, SQL Injection

  2. Joomanager from joomanager.com, 2.0.0 and previous versions

    users are advised to uninstall immediately

  3. Realtyna RPL, All versions, SQL Injection and abandonware

    The developer no longer supports Joomla! The site is still online, but there are redirects to the Wordpress version. We asked the developer about the prospect of a security release, and received this reply:

    It’s almost 2 years that we announced that RPL based on Joomla has been discontinued and we continued security upgrades for 1 year.

    We take that as a "no".

  4. KissGallery version 1.0.0 by TW Carter, SQL Injection

  5. Twitch TV version 1.1 by Bharat Koriya (aindropsinfotech.com), SQL Injection

  6. Appointment by Harmis Technology (joomlaextensions.co.in), v1.1, SQL Injection

  7. Bye Bye Password by Ready Bytes, versions 1.0.4 and previous, Information Disclosure

    Also the installer includes a tracking script.

  8. Cookie consent from silktide, Unknown version, Malicious links
    aka https://cookieconsent.insites.com/download/

  9. AYS Quiz, 1.0,SQL Injection

  10. Extra Search by Joomlaboat, 2.2.8 and previous, SQL Injection

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