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  1. AA Easy Analytics Tracking is a tool to help you to insert the analytics tracking code in your website with just one click to start monitoring your website.

    Features it has :

    ✅ By this plugin you can enter Google Analytics
    ✅ By this plugin you can enter Facebook Pixel Coe.
    ✅ It is Very small in size.
    ✅ It is very easy in use
    ✅ It works nicely beside any issue.
    ✅ It works with all templates. If not, support is

  2. Block new registration if they use email address or name in the list of restrictions. The solution to prevent fake accounts.

  3. Search and replace anything you want in your Joomla website. Replace with PHP & HTML Ouput.

  4. AA Yelp Reviews for Joomla helps you display your business reviews from Yelp to your website/blog.

    Features it has :

    ✅ Show 3 Yelp Business Reviews
    ✅ Work with Yelp API V3
    ✅ It has many templates. Like : Gallery/List/Slider/Badge Templates
    ✅ You can multiple Reviews Position for your website
    ✅ It is easy to use
    ✅ It is fully responsive.
    ✅ You can do override css with it. It has custom css option.
    ✅ It

  5. JMG Modal Popup windows for Joomla are fancy popups also known as Lightboxes. They can be used in a number of ways on your website. These popup effects can have a nice visual, if used properly, to highlight the right content.

  6. Ruxin Cryptocurrency Donation Box helps to donate via cryptocurrency
    - Convert your coin payment address into QR code
    - Supports top 30+ crypto coins – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Cardano & much more…
    - Ability to set the module size
    - Ability to set the QR-Code size and color
    - Ability to specify the color of tabs and buttons
    - Beautiful crypto donation box design
    - Responsive /

  7. Headline JT5 Module is a Unique extension developed by Joomlatema.Net. Module reads content articles from Joomla ® category and shows them at frontend as two-block static content or two-block slider. The module allows you to display your Joomla content as single news block on one side and multiple news block on the other side (left or right).

    • Compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3.x
    • K2 Support
    • Module
  8. JO Virtuemart automatically post your product to your Instagram is an add-ons advanced and easy for Joomla and virtuemart.
    As a admin, you don't need go to Instagram to update products. all thing you need to do is create product on your site and select "Post to Instagram" and type your message at "Message". Advertising products become so easy with help of the plugin.
    This way all your Instagram fans instantly knows when your site have updated

  9. EFat for VirtueMart is a Joomla electronic invoicing plugin that allows you to generate electronic invoices with Joomla and VirtueMart component.

    EFat for VirtueMart solves all the problems related to electronic invoicing in Joomla by automating the creation of the necessary XML file.

    If you have an e-commerce website with Joomla you can automate the process of creating

  10. A powerful content extension for Joomla. You can create different types of content in different database tables with custom fields. The component also supports import and export of data.

  11. AA Live Stream Social plays live stream Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter , Instagram etc. for your website. It uses embed system.

    Features it has :

    ✅ By this module you can embed Youtube Live Video Stream.
    ✅ By this module you can show Facebook Live Video Stream.
    ✅ By this module you can show Twitch Live Video Stream.
    ✅ By this module you can show Twitter Live Video Stream.
    ✅ By this module you can show Instagram Live

  12. JO K2 Auto Instagram is an extension advanced and easy use for k2, This extension allows you automatically posts your K2 articles (items) to Instagram feed. it is an add-ons advanced and easy for Joomla and K2.

    The plugin will post your article to your Instagram feed . It automatically creates a post with picture, description, message and a link to your article. It will use one Image in image intro or Full Article Image or Image in article and post to

  13. Tabapapo is a component that is being developed for the Joomla! CMS. It is a chat room system based on the chat algorithm x-chat in ajax version xq 1.0 by Hedi Carlos Minin downloaded at:

  14. VM2X CryptoCurrency Price
    For Joomla3


    With the continuous rise of bitcoin price, digital currency has gradually become a hot topic in today's society, ,and everyone has begun to pay attention to digital currency .VM2X CryptoCurrrency Price Module help you display the real time market price of popular crypto currency price in your Joomla website, This is the simplest and most convenient product so far, you can config the

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