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  1. Quick Fields is a free Joomla module that shows custom fields and lets users edit their profiles on spot!

    Have you ever needed to have users fill in some details, but need to do that from wherever you want in Joomla? That is exactly what Quick Fields does!
    It is a smart module that lets you select which custom fields you would like to show in a page, for users to save that information on the spot!

    Quick Fields offers a

  2. The PayPal Field enables you to create a PayPal button Custom Field to any Joomla Component that supports the Fields Component.

  3. Set the minimum number of items that a client can order per product of specific categories. Suitable for e-shops that do not wish to sell low number of quantities per product due to low cost - profit.
    After installing the plugin in the text area you add a single line per category that you wish to set the limits..
    For example:


    With the above configuration the products of category 10

  4. Auto Cards is an awesome URL embedder Joomla module that lets you embed pretty much any URL you like, anywhere in your Joomla website!

    It's as simple as this:
    - Copy a URL from your site or any other site in the world.
    - Paste it into Auto Cards.
    - Auto Cards creates a beautiful URL card and shows it in a carousel, a masonry or a grid!

    Ever felt that your content is spread out in so

  5. Mobbex payment plugin for VirtueMart 3

    This plugin integrates Mobbex payment gateway with VirtueMart 3. This plugin, automatically integrates to your VirtueMart store in a way that the store administrator simply installs the plugin and after several simple configuration steps, gets a full fledged payment gateway. With Mobbex in your store, you can provide lots of payments methods to your customers.

    This plugin automatically converts currencies

  6. Handles user authentication against a SAML IdP using the SimpleSAMLphp libraries
    - Option: Set the SimpleSAMLphp authetication source and the behaviour of the plugin
    - Attribute Mapping: set the mapping between IdP fields and Joomla fields for usename,name and email
    - Synchronise Groups: If your IdP is configured to pass group details the then the IdP group names can be mapped to Joomla Groups
    - User Provisioning: Automatically provision

  7. Mx slider displays custom items ( which can be a photo or video) or articles from one or multiple categories in a slideshow.

    Data Source:

    Count Items
    Image type - Intro Image, Fulltext Image, Inline Image
    Category Filtering Type - Inclusive, Exclusive
    Category - Select
    Child Category Articles - Include, Exclude
    Category Depth
    Tag Filtering Type - Inclusive, Exclusive
    Tag - Select
    Include children tags - Include,
  8. Plugin switches VirtueMart currencies accordingly to selected language.

  9. CleverCRM an open source advanced CRM extension for Joomla! It provides a perfect solution for your business. Grow your business with the powerful CRM extension. CleverCRM provides you solution to manage Contacts, Companies, Activities, Project, Procurement, Calendar, Task, etc.. You can extend your system very easy with custom field and more..
    Hurry up!! Sell faster and smarter with our fully customizable CRM.

  10. Parallax effects are a way to make your Joomla! web pages more dynamic and interesting. If you already have a website built and you’d like to add a parallax effect, this plugin can get the job done.

  11. Virtuemart Cart Auto Save is complete software designed to:

    • make it easy for your website visitors to recall their shopping cart automatically when they come back
    • to help you increase your product sales from orders that are abandoned (not completed orders).

    Virtuemart Smart Cart
    Store client's cart for both guest and registered.
    PopUP modal to consent for GDPR and get subscribed to abandoned cart

  12. EB Horizontal Accordion Gallery Joomla module allows you to create beautifully crafted Horizontal Accordion Images in a very modern way. This module comes up with 5 in-built styles with very nice animations and can be used on the website for various purposes.


    ⚡ Homepage Slider
    ⚡ Image Gallery
    ⚡ Testimonials
    ⚡ Content Blocks


    • Compatible with
  13. Using this simple plugin you may allow your site admins to be redirected on a specific component on backend login.

    In the field Redirect Component place the name of the component, as it appears in the backend url without the το com_ part. For example, instead of com_virtuemart write virtuemart.
    In the field Redirect Usergroups: choose the group you wish to be redirected on backend login.

  14. Shack Article Layouts allows you to display your articles in many attractive layouts. This extension is perfect for creating homepages, or landing pages for blogs, portfolios, testimonials and other content.

    You have the freedom to choose how to display your articles, as well as what to display from the articles. You can display images from articles, some or part of the article's content, links and read more buttons included in the article, or authors,

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