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Find extensions for your Joomla site in the Joomla Extensions Directory, the official directory for Joomla components, modules and plugins.
  1. Ol Services is a responsive module which displays your services in slider or wall mode.

    Item settings.

    Type (web font icons or image)
    Style ( seven different styles in pro module)
    Background (grey, red, orange, blue, green, brown, pink or black)
    Text info

    General Settings

    Version ( Standard or slider)
    Items distance
    Open link in new widow (Yes/No)
  2. SD Tinify is an automatic image compressor! Upload images to your website using the media manager or even JCE and the images get compressed automatically. Sometimes the image size gets reduced by 75%! The speed of your website will improve and your visitors will love you!

    - Uploaded images get compressed automatically.
    - Compress any file or directory from the Joomla media manager.
    - The JCE media manager is

  3. Create easily your own pricing table using Mx Pricing Table. This responsive module can accommodate up to 6 price columns per row.
    General Settings

    Style ( Default / Style1 / Style2 / Style3 / Style4 )
    Currency Symbol
    Items per row ( From two to six )
    Column distance
    Rounded corners? ( Yes / No )
    Featured Custom color
    Master Color
    Google font ( Yes / No )
    Font URL
    Font Family


    Choose color ( for
  4. A Joomla! administration component providing a GUI to some settings and management of a Raspberry Pi server.

    This component enables a Joomla administrator to monitor some hardware settings using a GUI. After the installation in Joomla!, some steps are required to complete on the Raspberry Pi (see documentation).

    This extension is compatible with Joomla! 3.6 or later. A Raspberry Pi model 3A+, 3B, 3B+ or 4B is recommended.

  5. SD Icons is a small plugin to embed and easily add font icons to your Joomla website! Embed icons using simple tags and SD Icons will take care of the rest.

    Icon tags will be replaced on the complete page, meaning you can use them in:

    • Articles
    • Menu items
    • Lists
    • Modules
    • Products
    • Adverts
    • And more!

    It's OK when your website does not yet contain these icon font libraries. You

  6. Phoca Cart Product Scroller Module - a Joomla! CMS module which displays sales countdown timer - remaining days, hours and minutes of a special discount or sale event.

    See video:

    This module is a part of Phoca Cart extensions.

  7. Joomla Sticky Sidebar can sticky your website's sidebars or any vertical column, making them permanently visible when scrolling up and down. Useful when a sidebar is too tall or too short compared to the rest of the content. Works with virtually any design and supports multiple sidebars.

    Joomla Sticky Sidebar is a Joomla plugin that will help you easily make your website sidebars sticky and permanently visible when the visitors scroll up and down. That

  8. Features

    • 17 standard Bitrix24 fields, 48 Virtuemart data types
    • Sending data to user fields Bitrix24 (UFCRM) (for example, coupon codes, cost and delivery method, packaging margins, etc.). Data from these fields can be used for automatic insertion into documents.
    • Combining multiple Virtuemart fields into a single Bitrix24 field.
    • Adding products from the basket by entities of the lead's product
  9. The CharacterCounter for Joomla! does pretty much what it says. It counts characters in text fields in the Joomla! backend (Title, Alias, Meta Description, Browser Page Title, etc.). This way, you get immediate insight into the number of characters you have typed.

    CharacterCounter is a small but very useful Joomla Extension for SEO purposes! Whenever you are typing in the Page Title field CharacterCounter will notice this and signals you if you have

  10. REQUIRES VirtueMart to be installed

    This is a VirtueMart extension plugin that helps website owners or administrators send SMS Updates regarding the order status of their customers on their website.

    There are several parameters set in place to help you configure the suitable text message you want to send your customers regarding their orders

    This extension uses MoceanAPI as the API service that is required for this

  11. Fix any number of modules to the footer of your Joomla website. The module has the option to add other modules into it and stick to the footer of the page.


    • Option to add any number of Modues to the footer of the website
      • Option to set the modules as row or column
      • Option to align the Modules
      • Option to show or hide the module for mobile, tablet or desktop devices
      • Option to change the background
  12. Ruxin Custom Scrollbar is a Joomla plugin that turns the default scrollbar into a modern, beautiful scrollbar
    - Possibility of use in site and administrator section
    - Ability to define scrollbar width
    - Ability to define color and gradient
    - Ability to change the scroll speed
    - Supports horizontal and vertical scrolling
    - Ability to set with element ID or class
    - Ability to customize scrollbar settings

  13. Want to have a promotion bar displayed of your site? JMG Promo Bar will help you to do that in a minute.

  14. Do you want a Joomla article or page to refresh automatically? With the Page Refresh extension for Joomla you can reload or refresh a specific page after a certain amount of seconds. You don’t need any knowledge about HTML code. Just select one or multiple ‘single article menu-items’ and type the number of seconds after which the page must refresh.

    It’s a great solution for:
    - news pages
    - photo pages
    - incorporate homepages

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