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  1. This extension allows you easy and fast insert into your article links to another articles with thumbnail image.
    If you want to add to your article link to to the any of your articles? you can just select it from the list of articles and block with the Intro image, Intro text and the header will be created.

    Easy way to create cool links inside your article.

    - easy to use
    - lightweight
    - no additional scripts

  2. Add hidden field captcha to your forms.

    This captcha is based on very simple idea, bots tries to fill all the fields in the form, or at least those "interesting" for them.

    This captcha plugin adds field to the form, but hides it from humans. If there is any submitted value in the field, submission is rejected.

  3. Display advanced charts from TradingView. This module displays any market, stock , asset currency, cryptocurrency value in realtime (updated in realtime) with rich trading indicators, volume, RSI, Ichimoku cloud, Bollinger Bands, Moving Averages etc... With all the nice trading view features. Module is highly customizable you you can choose to display a simple chart or a fully fatured module with chart details , calendar, news etc...

  4. Component for dispaying maps by Leaflet library. You can also use module and plugin.

    You can
    * create and display any numbers of maps, placemarks
    * multilingual interface
    * configurate many settings (Zoom, Map Type...)
    * markers can include site reference and image, and HTML code
    * you can use contact and user information in placemarks
    * you can use OpenTopoMap layer
    * you can use plugin to call from K2

  5. This OpenStreetMap custom field plugin for Joomla allows your users to easily set one or more markers/areas/maps to any Joomla item (supporting custom fields (Joomla articles, contacts etc...). In edition mode, it shows a map the editor can click to set a marker. It can also click to have own current coordinates detected (if shared) and an address search field. It also has a area radius slider. In the front end , the plugin shows the map, marker and area as set

  6. With Read More-PRO you'll be able to create an accordion Read More effect for your Joomla! articles. The native Joomla! Read More option is nice and does it's task quite well. However, it is a little clumsy on how it works based on how you configured and created your Joomla! website. Read More-PRO keeps all your article text on the same page showing 'some' of your article text and hides the rest based on how you configured the

  7. Content Cart - This extension allows you to organize a simple online store based on Joomla articles.

    The set of extensions allows you to add items to the Joomla articles and create a simple online store. The extension allows you to add the 'Add to cart' button to the Joomla article (com_content), which adds the product to the basket from which the order is already made.

    The package includes:

    • Module Shopping Cart
    • Plugin
  8. JD Skill Set - Best Joomla Number Counter Module

    Attract more clients by showing them animated numbers about your awards, projects, years of excellence etc.

    JD Skill Set is a most advanced Free Joomla Module to showcase your skill set with animated numbers, comes with a friendly user interface, better user experience, extensive functionality and full customization options. Here are the key features which make this number counter Joomla

  9. Easily reset article hits and votes to zero(0) without manual database editing.

    This is simply for those who wish to reset a page hit and vote data just because they want to restart. If ExtraVotes plugin is installed and in use, this reset plugin will also handle those votes.

    • Install
    • Enable
    • Edit an article and click Publishing tab to see the buttons at the bottom right
  10. Adds DatsoGallery located pictures or albums to Geommunity3 Google Maps. Also integrates DatsoGallery in Map global search results, and DatsoGallery Categories in Map Dynamic Filter.

    This DatsoGallery interations into Geommunity Maps include:

    Markers Ajax loading, and clustering
    Infowindow display
    Filtering markers by DatsoGallery type
    Filtering Markers by DatsoGallery categories
    DatsoGallery markers search


  11. JUX Easy Mega Menu is an amazing Mega Menu module which allows you to customize everything around the menu of your Joomla site in an "EASY" way as exact as its name. The awesome module deserves Joomla users more 11 Beautiful preset styles, unlimited customizations in colors, submenu, top menu, etc.
    Furthermore, with multi-media and a variety of menu layouts offered, users freely bring images and videos to a submenu, get the option in a vertical or

  12. is one of the most popular payment processors in Georgia, UniPAY Checkout extension provides the most integrated checkout experience possible with WooCommerce to accept ewallet and credit card processing. ( Visa, Mastercard and AMEX )

  13. Simple module that picks a random line of text from the module config to display on the site.

  14. Your problems creating content pages with Joomla are over. With this extension, you will simply create different sections within a single page, and you can stylize each section separately. You can also create an integrated search page with Google by simply entering the URL and the API key you created previously with the search engine.


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