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  1. Content Gallery is the easiest way to turn your articles in gallery. In module are included two unique styles - gallery and isotope.


    Items limit (at your choice )
    Image Type - Intro/ Fulltext / Inline
    Source - Categories
    Tag Filtering Type
    Author Filtering Type
    Author Alias Filtering Type
    Date Filtering
    Featured Articles - Show / Hide / Only featured
    Articles to be ordered by - Hits / Title / Id / Tags / Date / Articles Managed
  2. ✔ Keep your users informed about your cookies

    XT GDPR Cookie Consent Banner is a light and manageable module, which will allow your users to decide which cookies will be installed when they visit your website.

    Regulations compliant

    The XT GDPR Cookie Consent Banner module disables the cookies by default until your visitors accept them. Also, separates the cookies into two categories, Essential and

  3. A Mosets World Live Clock Show World Live Clock according to Mosets Timezones Custom Field for each listing.

    Compatible Extensions :

    Mosets Tree Directory Component

    Features it has :

    ✅ It shows Country Name, Clock and Date of Each Listing according to their Timezone
    ✅ You can easily show or hide options.
    ✅ You can easily change color compatible with your template.
    ✅ It only works

  4. AA YouTube Subscribe Card can display a beautiful floating YouTube subscription card with real-time Subscriber count on your website.

    Features it has :

    ✅ Floating Youtube Subscription Card
    ✅ It has many options to control
    ✅ You can use more than one
    ✅ You get cookie to control to show
    ✅ It works nicely beside any issue.
    ✅ It is full responsive
    ✅ It works with all templates. If not support is available for

  5. High-quality and timely assistance to clients gives a significant increase in your sales, trust in the site and the company as a whole. Allows you to more accurately analyze the consumer desires of your customers and visitors, shaping your tasks and future goals for the progressive development of your company.

    The AM Support Tracker component is able to solve several tasks for your site at the same time. Answer your clients

  6. ** IWS.BY Google Analytics ** is a plugin that allows you to connect the analytics counter of the Google Analytics service without any difficulties.

    ** Plugin Features: **
    - No need to edit the site template.
    - No programming skills required.
    - Easy to use.

  7. AA Anti AdBlocker can tell visitors to disable adblcoker who use adblocker addons on their browser.

    Features it has :

    ✅ You can easily change the title text
    ✅ You can easily change the content text
    ✅ You can easily change the background color.
    ✅ You can easily change the font color.
    ✅ You can do override css with it. It has custom css option.
    ✅ It works nicely beside any issue.
    ✅ It is full responsive

  8. A simple glossary plugin for Joomla. Easily create a glossary, encyclopedia or dictionary of your terms and show responsive tooltips when users hover over the terms.

  9. Zoomart is designed for joomla 3.x, joomla 4 alpha and beta. You will be able to size the magnified window and place it in 4 main places: top-left and right plus bottom-left and right. There are some features to adapt it to your website appearance. If there are images you do not want to be zoomed on, just input their classes in backend so that they will be ignored. It effects on image elements of a webpage and background images assigned to elements. In the site

  10. AA Promotion Bar is a simple and light module to create your own top bar for your website.

    Features it has :

    ✅ It has many options to show your promotion or notice bar
    ✅ It can be either fixed or absolute
    ✅ It has no button, toggle button or close button.
    ✅ It is fully responsive.
    ✅ You can do override css with it. It has custom css option.
    ✅ It works nicely beside any issue.
    ✅ It is full responsive

  11. "Send email" is a module of Joomla with which users of your site can send you a text message. The module is extremely easy to install and set up. The modern design of the feedback form will impress even your most demanding users.

    How the module works:
    After you install the module, select an appropriate image that shows the user that this is a feedback form and sending a message. When clicking on this image, a modal shape will open with the option

  12. Progressive Web App for Joomla website in minutes. Don't miss any customers.

    Progressive web app is one of the easiest ways for your site visitors to contact you.

    Studies have shown that those who have a live support line on their website make more sales. Add it to your site and increase your business.

    No coding required.

    No coding knowledge is required to use Joomla PWA. All you have to do is follow the steps that came with

  13. This free module shows your Joomla! articles as sliders.

  14. This extension protect the posts content or photos from being copied by disabling mouse and keyboard commands.
    In module settings is optional to disable Right Click, image drugging and keyboard shortcut keys "Ctrl + A", "Ctrl + C", "Ctrl + V", "Ctrl + P", "Ctrl + S" , "Ctrl + U", F12

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