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  1. This component helps you create and manage buttons for your website.

  2. An essential solution to improve the SEO navigation of your site.

    The basic page navigation of a Joomla site works perfectly fine for a small site. Once a site reaches a big number of published pages, Google crawling budget must be managed to focus the effort on the critical pages. XT Perfect SEO Pagination helps to properly describe the pagination to the search engine.

    • Enhance Page Title with Page Number: Improve the page
  3. **Joomla Questions and Answesr Extension **is a good solution to show the most frequently asked questions in advance to the users.

    Very easy to use

    Install, enter questions and answers, assign to a menu item! That is it!

    List view with nice table

    Shoq questions and answers in a list view with a nice looking table

    Questions order on page

    Visitors can order the questions without page loading


  4. Lead generation Extension, convert visitors to customers with smart popups and dialogue boxes, improve sales and website revenue.

  5. Shack Article Manager is an extension that allows anyone to write, edit, publish and manage articles from the frontend of Joomla sites.

    Shack Article Manager is perfect for sites that don't want to allow users into the Joomla administrator area. Using Shack Article Manager, you can allow both guest and registered users to create content for your Joomla site.

    Manage your articles on the frontend

    With Shack Article Manager, all authors

  6. This module helps you to spend just seconds to add PayPal Donate Button to your website without coding and start receiving payments.
    It contains many options for you.

    It is fully responsive.

    Features it has :

    Show Donation Button
    Easy to configure
    You can easily use it.
    Works with any templates.
    Nice Layout
    Fully Responsive
    Cross browser support.
    Simple and Friendly user interface.
    Ease to
  7. Telegram Chat Support Extension helps your visitors to contact you immediately over telegram on your joomla website.
    Easy to use in content
    Do you want to use module in content? You can do that easily!
    Just change theme to In Content and release the module in a custom postion in content anytime!
    2 Different dialog box theme
    Do you want to show the click to chat button as a fixed element? You can show at left bottom or right

  8. This plugin gives an opportunity to automate the stepFORM survey — just allow access anf choose the form from the list.

    stepFORM is a builder for creating forms, quizzes and various online surveys. With its help you can collect clients’ contact data, perform step-by-step surveys, offer automated calculation of costs for products and services. The form creation process is very simple — everything happens in the visual mode, no special

  9. Joomla Click to Call Extension will help you making your number easy to dial. Stimulate users to make a call at your Joomla site.

    Unlimited Color Options

    You can change the colors very easily match to your brand and website design

    Button Color

    Customizable the color of the button

    Popup Content and Background color

    Customizable the colors for Popup Content and Background


  10. Joomla Facebook Chat Extension will help you creating facebook / messenger chat support just in minutes!

    One click install!

    Do not waste your time by trying to configure Facebook Chat Plugin manually on your Joomla site! Facebook chat support extension is one click installable

    Very easy setup

    Every parameter is explained very clear, just minutes setup!

    Theme Color

    Colors that match your

  11. Joomla Pop Up OnPage Extension will help you to keep visitors at your site longer by showing them on page popups. Show on page load pop up, on page exit popups.

    You can show popups to your visitors with different triggers.

    On Page Load
    On Page Scroll
    On Page Exit
    On Element Click

    You can create unlimited popups and show them with nice animations.

    100% Responsive - Tested on Mobile

  12. Joomla Call Back Button Extension will help you collect visitors phone numbers at your Joomla website easily.

    Unlimited Color Options

    You can change the colors very easily

    Customizable text, form nput and messages

    texti, form inputs and messages are easily customizable

    Show or Hide CAPTCHA

    You can add a captcha to the form or simply disable it.

    Any place at your page

    You can place the

  13. JoomFunding is the best Joomla component that let you build a crowdfunding platform website that provides functionalities for building and managing Joomla websites for collective fundraising.

    Main Features

    • Users can create and publish projects easily from frontend with step by step process
    • Payment system with step by step process
    • Create, edit and approve campaigns
    • Monitor, capture and cancel
  14. Virtuemart WhatsApp Support Extension helps your customers to contact you immediately over whatsapp on your jvirtuemart store

    Whatsapp Button with Image or Icon

    You can add Whatsapp Icon at Virtuemart product page with Whatsapp icon or a custom image

    Button In the product page

    Whatsapp support button at inside the product page can be more effective than a button at a fixed area

    Editable Account Text and

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